Sellas Fractional Laser is a true second generation fractional laser offering unique clinical advantages over any other class. Now you can treat a wider range of indications more effectively in less time.

Sellas Evo creates micro necrotic thermal holes which stimulate remodeling skin tissue. This brings dramatic results through regenerating skin cells


Sellas Thermal Peeling

A photothermolysis method which can denature to the depth of the papillary dermis (which has smaller collagen bundles, greater cellularity, and a higher density in its vascular elements as compared to the reticular dermis) with sufficient densities enough to affect the transdermal delivery system of the skin clinically. This method can deliver maximum effectiveness while minimizing adverse effects.

The Sellas Treatment Targets: 

1. Wrinkle Reduction 

2. Photo Damaged Skin 

3. Acne Scars 

4. Skin Tightening 

5. Enlarged Pores 

6. Aged Spots 

7. Striae Distensiae 

8. Solar Lentigos 

9. Surgical Scars 

10. Melasma 

11. Vascular Lesions